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agnes baddoo crossbody bag natural

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A small shoulder bag with adjustable strap, attached outer pocket, slot back pocket.Body: H 7" x W 7.5" x D 4.5". 21" adjustable strap. Designed by Agnes Baddoo. Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California. Natural Cow. Care: It is recommended to condition the leather seasonally with olive oil or Leather Conditioner, especially before and after storage. Do a test patch on the bottom, letting it absorb over night before applying to the whole bag... More detailed care info from Agnes: '(from my experience, not brand endorsements, can't predict, not responsible for...) For conditioning, I have used: Olive Oil - usually, not much color difference; Fiebing’s 4-1 Conditioner - may even out, lightly; Fiebings Saddle Soap -this I use on older, lived in, really marked up, splattered Natural Veggie Tan -it will even out the splats to a honey tone…; Lexor Leather Condition - usually, not much color difference. ALWAYS TEST THE BOTTOM overnight!!!Personally, I usually only condition after I’ve used it a while; like before I store it or after it’s been out of circulation or seasonally, depending on how dry it’s been…i.e. I do not condition new Veggie Tan leather. I let it do it’s thing, in it’s own time. Note: Natural Veggie Tan leather starts PALE PINK and TANS over time and exposure to a dark honey'.

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