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Marco Tadini Nanni Strada bag

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The tradition of the Borsa Nastro (Ribbon Bag) is rooted in over 40 years of history, making its first appearance in stores in the late ‘70s. Inspired by the tradition of carrying babies around the body using a scarf shaped to form a hammock, Nanni Strada created the bag's innovative sling-bag design.  The Strada bag is squeezable yet spacious; elegant, comfortable, functional; perfect for whatever the occasion may be. Crafted in soft yet resistant long-lasting nappa, this bag weighs just over half a pound. Its distinctive cross-body strap distributes the load over its length. Featuring a zip closure to keep your belongings safe, the Nanni Strada bag is a timeless model which never goes out of style. 40 × 12 × 30 cm.  Proudly made in Italy.

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